The approach of the placement!

In this week’s blog, I am going to briefly outline my marketing plan for recruiting new students from Taiwan. I have been thinking of how I can reach those people who are interested in studying in Canada. Then, I came up with writing blogs and creating a Facebook page which would be the most effective way to get people involved.

The idea of writing blogs is inspired by my instructor, Frank Armstrong. He said that writing blogs not only can improve your writing skills but also can let people know what you are doing. Furthermore, I think that blogging is a good access to provide more complete information than Facebook.

Wretch is a famous blog website in Taiwan and I will post both my current and previous SLC life on this blog website. Since my placement only has a month, I will post at least two blogs per week. The information of studying in Canada such as applying a study permit will be included in the blog as well.

The other is creating a Facebook page for advertising SLC. This Facebook page will be connected directly to Wretch blog website so that both of tools can influence each other. The thing I am struggling is that I have to find out a way to make the Facebook page really reach out and meet those people who are interested in studying in Canada. Hopefully I can figure it out before my placement gets started.


One thought on “The approach of the placement!

  1. Keui-Lin, this sounds like exciting work. Have fun on your placement. I’m certain you’ll add value to the international office and that you will gain plenty of real-world knowledge.

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